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Exploring the Wonders of Star Orias


Distance from Earth: 1000 LY
Average year: 560 earth days
Average Day: 1 day = 10 earth days
Size: 5 million times the earth size
Gravity: 5.0 m/s^2

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Planet Oriaxgonasiom is in the star Orias and it is a multicolor planet that is extremely big and has gravity where you can float for a small moment, also you can breath without any type of technology.

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Colonist of Oriaxgonasiom

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Orioxgovins, Tundra



Dictator, Capitalism, Alien Trade


Orianism, Oriangonees



Oreogiants, nutellamangia


Pear phone, Pear pad, Pear, watch

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It was a hard journey for me to become an Infinity Knight, a lot of training, fighting alien wars, getting respect from the alien president in my old planet, Giorgovina. First I was a poor colonist in the poorest village in Giorgovina, I lived with my brother, my sister and my two parents. Every day at 5 am I would wake up get some money from my own piggy bank and go to the supermarket and get milk and bread, later that day when I was walking back home I saw a soldier getting attack by some colonist, so I go to save the soldier and I get punched in the face by one of the colonist but I kept punching them until then they left and then the soldier all covered in dirt and blood thanked me and gave me a little bit of money. I get home and I’m all excited because I helped someone and I got extra cash, so I opened the door and I go to the living room and I see my mother crying and the rest of my family staring at me, then I find out that I need to go to the military, I’m shocked for the news that my family just told and my world just came down, I was speechless I didn’t know what can I do, so I go to bed and I felt asleep right away. The next day my mom still with some tears going down her pale face wakes me up, and tells me that I need to leave that the general is waiting for me out side, so I got out of bed, I dressed up, and I went to the kitchen grabbed my ham and cheese sandwich and went outside to meet the general, at first I was nervous, sweating, and my heart pumping blood rapidly through my veins. When I opened the door I saw the general standing straight and tight, he told all the instruction of what I needed to do when I get there. I got in the big truck and all the soldiers were pushed against each other because of the lack of space in the truck, we were in the road for 10 hours, we finally got to the military base and it was a big land with all the soldiers standing straight waiting for orders, and all the cannons ready for war. I got off the truck and another soldier told me to go to this lines and their they gave my uniform and my cabin key, a soldier escort me to my cabin and told me that I would have time to unpack everything and to be at the main base at 8 pm and if anyone gets there late they are going to have serious consequences. So I unpack everything and while I unpack I see that is almost going to be 8 pm so I start heading to the main base and I see all the soldiers walking towards the main base and when I enter I see holograms in the ceiling about all the years and wars that the older soldiers fought. Then suddenly the holograms where turned off and everything was dark and quiet, and then a light turns on and the light is pointing at the general who is going to give an inspirational speech for the soldiers to be positive and that everything is going to be good but they need to work hard, and keep their heads up to achieve the goals that the soldiers need to achieve for this year. The speech lasted 3 hours, and when it was finally over every soldier went to the dining hall to eat. I sat at a table alone in the corner of the dining hall, I didn’t know anyone there and then five minutes later two guys came up to me and introduced themselves their names were Craig and Michael, they sat at my table and we talked about how we got there and about our lives before coming to the military base. I went back to my cabin I showered and I went straight to bed, I stared at the ceiling for a while thinking about how is my first day going to be, and then I felt asleep. I woke up to the loud alarm in the morning, I jumped out of bed, got my uniform on and my positivity ahead of me, I go to the dining hall again to have a good breakfast to start my day strong, while I’m sitting alone again in the same table I look for Craig and Michael, but I don’t see them and it made me wonder where could they be, after finishing my breakfast I went to look for them, but I did not find them anywhere. So later I go to the general’s office to ask him about Craig and Michael, I knock on the door but he wasn’t there, so I twisted the handle in the door and I noticed it was opened. I go up to his desk and I see a folder that says World Wide Criminals, so I opened it and I see two reports of two men that escaped prison, and when I see the faces of the two men I dropped the folder in shocked and I started to look for the general like crazy because the two men were Craig and Michael. Then when I finally found the general I told him what I did and he wasn’t happy, but he told that I was in charge of this case and that I need to look for this two men as fast as I can because they are dangerous. I got a group of soldiers, borrowed the information and the files about these two men from the general and I was sent to another planet called Oriaxgonasiom to start the mission.

45,000 lightyears later

I got to Oriaxgonasiom and I went far away from the village into the woods to set up the high tech equipment, super explosive weapons, and a big portable tent with computers and big screens. I started to investigate about Craig and Michael, and then I used the satellite signal to track their location to go look for them. So I go to that location in supersonic flying motorcycles, when I get to the location I see that it is an old, scary abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, I go in with mi weapon ready to fire if there is any creature that can kill, so I search the whole building and it was empty, then I hear a loud thump that shook the ground, at first I thought it was an earthquake, but it was actually a big machine that was underground that produces explosive, while I was hiding and seeing the machine produce the explosives I heard two familiar voices laughing so hard and talking about that the solar system is going to get destroyed, and when I see the two men that had the familiar voices, I saw Craig and Michael. I took pictures of the machine, and I sent the pictures and the information about the malicious plan that Craig and Michael are going to do. Then I gave orders to the crew that we need to go back to the mini camp in the woods. We hopped on the supersonic flying motorcycles and we flew back to the camp. When we got to our camp in the woods I cleared the table of non-important papers and I started to plan what the crew and I are going to do to stop this destruction. The next day we went to the same location, but Craig and Michael where not there anymore and the machine was destroyed completely, so I go up to the first floor and my radar is failing and I started to freak out, so I hit it a couple of time and it redirected me to another location, so I hurry and my crew and I hop on the supersonic flying motorcycles and we went 100,000,000,000 kilometers per hour to get as fast as we could to stop the destruction of save the solar system. So we got to the location that my radar sent us, and when we got there it was a big old house, when we entered we saw Craig and Michael mixing explosive with weird acids, and rubbing alcohol, and then we saw a remote control with a red button with a skull on it, and Craig was putting the potion into the remote control and I saw that the remote control is powered by that potion that they made. Craig told Michael “lets blow this up,” but then I screamed at both of them to step away and I yelled at Craig “put the remote control down,” but if he didn’t I would shoot him, then when he was bending down slowly my super ultra-reflexes activated and told to shoot him in the hand because he was so close to make the solar system explode, so I shot his hand of and the remote control fell on the floor. I grabbed it and destroyed it and Craig and Michael are going to the high tech security prison with laser bars as prison cells. The mission was done and I returned back to Giorgovina where I received a gold medal for being the bravest and best soldier and I received the three stars that represent that I’m part of the Infinity Knights for the rest of my life, and as the Infinity Knight quote says “Stay loyal, stay true, leave the negative things behind, bring the positive ones on front.”

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